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Seriously, I mean, Jeeez

2007-09-11 18:27:42 by OrphanShadow

The post I made, with the pic of my girlfriend, was only meant to be some little bit of fun. Instead, some took the whole thing WAAAAAY out of proportion, and some of the messages and posts in the topic were pretty sick and sadistic, let alone offensive.

Not that I was offended. It was just a shock to see such a brutal level of offense from NG. I know this place isnt the Ritz of the forum world, but ive come to expect at least a basic level of standards from the BBS.

To The people that made the posts - please, it was only a bit of harmless fun which you decided to grasp on as a way to vent all level of sickness from your body. I can act like an asshole sometimes, but I seriously think you guys should at least look at what the fuck you are saying. REAL PEOPLE are on the receiving end of every word you say. If you can sleep at night after acting like a common playground bully, well done to you. I couldnt.

And at the end of the day, newgrounds is supposed to be a place for fun and frolics, not abuse.

I dunno how many of you agree with this, but this is how I see it.

So guys, please, Im not any sort of attention whore...and for that point, neither is the other half.

So think about these words, and maybe try to better yourselfs next time. Im not holding my hopes up, But i would like to think that some of you have enough sense...


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2007-09-23 22:20:33



2007-10-06 20:39:13

Let me guess. Somebody posted rape her?

OrphanShadow responds:

No, but we expected that anyway :P