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The New Beginning

2007-07-17 19:09:23 by OrphanShadow

Well, people, Newgrounds 2.0 is officially here. I dunno about any of you, but I think its fucking awesome.

But down to more important issue's...

Up until quite a while ago i regularly submitted audio to newgrounds. Well due to a computer upgrade, i have lost many of the masters of these tracks.

But never fear, for I am starting anew. I have recently put in an order for Loads of new music software (Soundforge and Fruityloops, amongst other things. No more Audacity) and i have had my guitar serviced to get it back to tip top condition. Expect to see new audio from me within the next few months. My first solo album, "Earth is for Enemies", a purely instrumental album, will be available for download on NG by late Autumn.

But for now, enjoy what i have.

One more thing...Thanks to the Newgrounds Crew for the wonderful redesign.


The New Beginning


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2007-08-16 17:53:09

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2007-09-11 16:44:36

Newgrounds 3.0



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